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Whether it is repairs to a building, extension, or routine maintenance, we at Chris Hodgson Surveyors will write a detailed specification for the necessary works including types of materials and the manner in which they are to be applied.

How can we help you?

For extensive works, clients often start with one of our special “traffic light” Condition Reports, which highlights work. See our section on Condition Reports.

Our Specification document can then be used for builders to tender against, making sure all your tenders are for the same quality of materials and job type.

Whether you represent a block of flats undergoing cyclical redecoration or a school building an extension, our Surveyor has the expertise to provide a detailed Specification of Works and manage your building project

Commercial Buildings

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If you would like one of our team to contact you regarding your building requirements fill out our form on the contact page and someone will be in touch as soon as possible to answer your queries

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