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Dilapidations Services


Dilapidation is a term used to describe the process of falling into decay or disrepair, but it’s also used to refer to any repairs needed at the end of a building’s tenancy or lease. A Dilapidation Survey is an Independent assessment arranged by a landlord or property manager to assess the condition of a property at the end of its lease or contract. 

How can we help you?

The Dilapidation Survey produced by Chris Hodgson Surveyors will include a detailed report of any repairs or maintenance that needs to be carried out, in order to restore the property to its original condition.


A Professional Survey from a third party can be extremely useful when it comes to managing any disputes between tenants and landlords and it also helps hold tenants accountable for the state of the property. If the premises are left in a damaged or unrepaired state, then a tenant can be liable to pay the landlord damages to cover the costs. They can include the equivalent of repair costs, as well as loss of rent (if the repair work delayed a new tenant moving in), payment of rates and a landlord’s professional fees. 

A survey can also help tenants too, if they believe that a landlord is trying to charge them unfairly for any dilapidations, for example for damage to the property that already existed when they moved in. 

If you’re in need of a Professional Dilapidation Survey for your property, get in touch with us at Chris Hodgson Surveyors. We’re proud to offer fair and realistic surveys for the benefit of both landlords and tenants.

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